Teach Like a Renegade

Here it is.  My call to all edu-professionals to provide opportunities that end in more than a marble roller coaster, a vehicle that can protect an egg, or a tower made from spaghetti and marshmallows.   Let’s walk away from those and move toward a higher purpose.  Let’s be rebels for positive change. Let’s teach like renegades.



One thought on “Teach Like a Renegade

  1. Sean
    Thanks for this blog and your neologism of STEMpathy. You should know that you predated Thomas Friedman’s new book “Thank you for being late” and his extensive discussion of STEMpathy within.

    I completely agree with you about this interesting combination of the sciences and empathy. Friedman argues (correctly, I think) that those with solid foundation in science AND an extra helping of the empathy, communication, human relationship-building communication skills, will likely succeed in the coming world of technological accelerations and unanticipated robot and AI automation. Keep posting! Even if you don’t have many readers (as, neither do I, and it hasn’t stopped me), get your thoughts out there. Great minds think alike.
    CT Lin, MD


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